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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Prometeus Chronicle #2 - Jan. 23, 2006

The Prometeus Chronicle #2 - Jan. 23, 2006
The following was the second installment written a in the weeks prior to the staging of our 16 song concert version in January 2006.

It’s 3:04 am and i just finished the Finale, and it’s huge! I went a little crazy filling it with big broadly appealing patriot type words like triumph, victory and glory, and phrases like fight the fight, dare to dream and raise the torch of freedom. My purpose is of course to finish the show with a bang, but my secret little thing (although now not secret anymore) is to get myself on 4th of July play lists at city parks and stadiums across the country somewhere between God Bless the USA and The Battle Hymn of the Republic while the rockets are red glaring. And I think I’ve come up with a song that just might get us there. If your have the CD of the show, it’s written to the music of Dare We To Dream.

To tomorrow is dress rehearsal and I am still under the gun to finish the narration. After days of trying, I’m finding it virtually impossible to take a 42 song show with a story that’s been spinning out new details for over ten years and summarize it in 15 one minute blurbs. At this point, every detail is so carefully crafted in my head that every time I try to edit myself i just end up focusing on new details. It’s maddening.

Here's a crazy thing. I spent Sunday evening autographing cds at one of Michael’s benefit concerts at which he played clips from four of our songs to promote the show. Funny to think people are standing in line waiting for me to write my name on something and that my little scribble makes it more meaningful somehow. They weren’t knocking down barricades and bouncers or waving Victoria’s secrets in my direction to get to the head of the line, but still I must admit I am thoroughly enjoying my 15 minutes.

Rehearsals have been absolutely remarkable. The group is so eclectic and just so visually interesting. I’ll snap some photos at tomorrow’s dress rehearsal and if I get a minute I’ll drop them in, though I don’t foresee any spare minutes till maybe Sunday morning. As far as inside scoops goes, the lovely Goddess of Hope may have trouble slipping into her little feathery bird suit (if we had one) due to the fact that she’s suddenly 5 months pregnant. It’s a girl. Pandora did finally make a rehearsal tonight. She’s an Aretha Franklinesque gospel singer that is absolutely the most amazing voice I have ever heard. She brought with her a couple of concubines for Zeus from her church choir to back up the Lord of all the Universe on his big numbers. If song really is prayer, my guess is there’s a whole line of Baptists from St. Mathias ahead of the rest of us when it comes to getting answers.

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