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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Emails From Our 2006 Audiences

At Last
Jan. 31, 2006

The shows were amazing!

Here are a few excerpts from audience emails…

“What an accomplishment!! You and David have truly created a masterpiece! Even as a "run through", the music and storyline form a powerful and magical tribute to the power of hope. What a privilege to experience this work as a sort of "rough draft.”

“Lordy lordy......Michael - you have always done big time! But this is even bigger time, if that makes sense. It is just wonderful... I want to see it again and again.
Zeus stole the show. He has a personality that directs all eyes to him... And of course Julianne is my favorite all time and her being Pandora is perfection....also Pro's brother was a real show stopper.”

“The standing ovation at the end was not the result of “irrational exuberance,” but a response to your art that was well deserved.”

“Wow! We just returned home from the performance and my feelings are fresh so I’ll share... It was as if looking at a newborn with all of those emotions hope and love! I laughed –cried – wondered and was amazed! The same emotions I encountered when I first saw Phantom (my fav). It was a different stage level of course, yet all of those emotions were touched! The characters were all alive especially Zeus and talented actors with such voices playing their parts! I found myself tapping my feet and shaking my head realizing that one day I will be sharing with my grandchildren the story of how I was at the birth of this play in Portland Oregon and knew one of the genius parents!!! I bless it with prayers of enormous abundant growth...infinite hope and endless love!”

“Every woman I know will buy this cd.”

So there you have it; the critics have spoken.


just be said...

Best show ever!!! Loooooooved it!!

RISA said...

amazing show should be on broadway