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Monday, August 25, 2008

2006 Promethus on YouTube

Before the YouTube stuff, I just discovered that I sent out several emails with a defunct email account as the return address, so if you've responded to any of those, please resend to and delete from your contacts.

On to YouTube: In clicking around on Michael’s web page this week, I discovered that he has uploaded our 2006 concert and the quality is quite good. Just go to YouTube and type in David Bates Prometheus and you’ll have the whole show. For a good feel of the show I’d recommend The Feast (with Wade McCollum as Zeus and Kip Taisey as Ganymede) and The Dazzling Queen of Misfortune (the Pandora number with Julianne Johnson and Andy Lindberg as Epimetheus), Somewhere Beyond (Kirk Mouser as Prometheus and Amy Jo Arrington as Hope) and Ambition (Noah Jordan as Hermes)… actually I’d recommend them all. Raindrops and Teardrops does a good job of showcasing the children.

The Feast:

Dazzling Queen of Misfortune:

Somewhere Beyond:


Raindrops and Teardrops:

The storyline has changed a bit since that version, so the narration will be a bit misleading, but considering the work-in-progress nature of that production it’s a great show.


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